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          一、 USAGE:

          This line is used for the filling material extrusion of fire-proof copper cable, fire-proof aluminum alloy cable, mineral insulation cable, fire-proof MV/HV power cable etc.

          二、Flexible Mineral Grouting Extruder Advantage:

          ◆Electrification Production IEC Standard

          ◆Adopt the SIEMENS system & rocker arm 10 " touch screen, stable electrical control. The program was reached and developed independently.

          ◆Hold the fire-proof cable production technology developed by ourselves independently.

          ◆The barrel and screw adopt the alloy steel heat treatment. The barrel doesn’t have the discontinuous joint, long life.

          ◆The crosshead materials for the abrasion resistant alloy steel, good mobility.

          ◆Equipped with the strengthen safety shield, dustproof & anticollision, good appearance.

          ◆Strengthen multi-wedge caterpillar, more smooth cable haul-off.

          三、140 Type Double Screw Grouting Extruder Parameter:

          ◆Suitable Conductor OD: 16-70mm

          ◆Finished OD: 20-80mm

          ◆Design Line Speed: 0-30m/min (actual speed was based on different diameter)

          ◆Center Height: 1000mm

          ◆Power Supply: 380V 50HZ 3-phase & 5-wire

          ◆Operation Direction: Right

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