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          This unit is used of insulation layer taping for the mineral fire-proof cable.

          The unit adopts the control of frequency conversion + DC, precision speed regulation & synchronous speed up / down.

          Main Configuration:

          ◆φ2500 Driven Pay-off Stand

          ◆RB500 Type Concentric Taping Unit 6-8 PCS (Customized)

          ◆WK-1200KG Caterpillar

          ◆Meter Counter

          ◆φ2500 Driving Take-up Stand

          ◆SIEMENS Touch Screen Cabinet

          ◆Electrical Control System

          Performance & Parameter:

          ◆Suitable Wire & Cable OD: 60mm

          ◆Design Line Speed: 0-60m/min (the actual speed was based on different diameter)

          ◆Center Height: 1000mm

          ◆Power Supply: 380V 50HZ 3-phase & 5-wire

          ◆Operation Direction: Right

          ◆Paint & Color:

          Main Pattern: Nokia Blue;

          Auxiliary Color: Rose Red & White;

          Control Cabinet: Computer Gray

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