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          Mineral Cable Metal Pipe Arc Welding & Rolling Production Line

          SUMMARY :



          This line automatically cuts the metal tape from the coil to the required width, then bends the metal tape into the round pipe gradually and coats onto the wire & cable from pay-off stand finally. Through the longitudinal arc welding, shrink or roll into the smooth metal sheathing or the corrugated metal sheathing onto the relative cable.


          Learn from the advanced welding technology from Europe, we got their strong points and close the gap and made the technological innovation. In China, we are the top level at the respect of reliability & stability & convenient operation, good cost performance.

          Product Range:

          The product mainly refers to the high performance mobile communication coaxial cable, kinds of fire-proof cable, mine cable, special metal sheath of unclear cable etc. The product was widely used at several major fields with high fire protection requirement. For example, airport, metro, stadium, market, large building, huge enterprise, hospital, hotel, school, high-end residence etc.

          Main Configuration:

          The line is composed of tungsten inert gas welder Linloln USA, Type-A portal TU & PO stand, pay-off tape unit, waste edge collection unit, fine cutting edge device, forming device, rolling device, caterpillar etc.

          ◆主要技術性能及指標 Performance & Parameter:

          Welding Pipe OD: ?9—?50、?60、?90mm

          Welding Mode: DC Electrode Negative & High Frequency Arc Ignition

          Welding Current: 20~405A

          Protective Gas: Argon or Helium (Optional)

          Rolling Pitch: 2.5-20mm (relative with cable diameter & tape thickness)

          Rolling Depth: 1-6mm (relative with cable diameter & tape thickness)

          Rolling Type: Spiral & Ring

          Installed Capacity: 60-70KVA

          Center Height: 1000mm

          Cover Area: 40m*6m



          二、各部件介紹 Composition Introduction

          ◆焊接平臺基座 Welding Platform Base:




          This platform weld by the steel plate is used for placing the waste edge collection unit, pressing tape device, fine cutting edge device, forming device, torch adjustment device etc.

          平臺尺寸(Platform Size):5600×720×805mm

          ◆ Electrical Control System:



          The system is a new generation of electrical control system specially designed for argon arc welding, 12" Touch Screen Siemens & 1215C PLC and linkage control and running, test, display all parameter and fault alarm etc.

          ◆ ZW-60 Rolling Unit:



          This unit is used for rolling the spiral or ring thread onto the metal pipe towed by the caterpillar. The rolling pitch and depth can be adjustable. The rolling head was driven one mobile servo motor. The rotation can follow the haul-off speed automatically.

          The specially designed mobile rolling head speed can follow the haul-off speed automatically can ensure the restart while stop during the production. So it can bring the convenient operation and maintenance.

          1)、Rolling Head Revolution: Max. 3000r/min

          2)、Motor: 5KW Servo Motor

          3)、Rolling Pitch: 2.5-20mm (relative with cable diameter and tape width)

          4)、Rolling Depth: 0.5-6mm (relative with cable diameter and tape width)

          ◆ Vertical Pay-off Tape Device



          This device (Driving/Driven) adopts the vertical pay-off tape design. While using the thicker & wider metal tape, it is much better to use the vertical design than the horizontal one. And the vertical can reduce the damage to the copper tape so as to ensure the whole line can run stably and continuously.

          1)、Max. Load: 5000kg

          2)、 Pad OD: Max. ?1800mm

          3)、 Pad ID: ?350-?450mm

          4)、 Lift Motor: 750W Converter Motor

          5)、 Driver: ETD 780

          ◆ Waste Edge Collection Device



          1)、Collection Motor: 250W AC

          2)、Magnetic particle clutch: dual-shaft 0.6KG

          3)、Take-up Tension: Max. 100N


          The specially designed quick nut installation structure save the time and effort when installation & disassembly, convenient and fast.

          ◆Fine Cutting Edge Device:



          This device adopts the horizontal roll cutting used for continuously cutting the metal tape to the width the welding pipe need.

          1)、Cutter Material: Alloy Steel

          2)、Cut Width: 30-300mm

          3)、Cut Tape Thickness: Copper: 0.2-1.0mm; Aluminum: 0.35-1.5mm; Stainless Steel: 0.25-0.6mm.

          ◆Forming Device:



          1、We developed the forming theory independently based on the features of European forming tools. And it is the special forming tool used for the welding production line in order to ensure the forming stability.

          2、This device is used of bending the metal tape after fine cutting into the round pipe gradually. Each forming tool includes one stand. On the stand, there is the forming base, horn die holder and sizing die holder etc.

          3、The copper tapper or stainless steel tape with more than 0.3mm thickness is equipped with the roller forming tools. Then, the multi rollers make the forming gradually to ensure the welding quality. The material adopts the alloy steel heat treatment.

          ◆焊矩及監視系統 Torch & Monitoring System:




          The torch is used for the argon arc welding (DC Electrode Negative) for the longitudinal seam after bending into the round pipe, water cooling and argon protection. The welder is the originally imported product from USA.


          The torch can achieve the three-dimensional adjustment and work with the specially designed torch centering mechanism together so that the operators can operate the welding easily and efficiently.


          The monitor system is used for the real-time observing the welding process. And it is composed of the solid video camera and monitor etc. Then, the operators can observe and adjust the welding process based on the displayed high magnification image.


          φ2500 Type A Portal Take-up & Traversing Stand




          This Type-A stand used for stable take-up adopts the portal guide rail traversing and overhead bushing design, reasonable structure and has the electrical clamping, lifting and traversing function.

          1)、線盤直徑范圍 ?1600- ?2500

          Bobbin Specs ?1600- ?2500

          2)、適用線盤重量 15T,Max

          Max. Load 15T

          3)、適用電纜直徑 ?10-?90mm

          Suitable Cable OD: ?10-?90mm

          4)、收線電機功率 DC7.5KW直流電機

          Take-up Motor: 7.5KW DC Motor

          5)、升降電機功率 2.2KW

          Lift Motor: 2.2KW

          6)、夾緊電機功率 1.5KW

          Clamp Motor: 1.5KW

          7)、行走電機功率 0.75KW

          Traversing Motor 0.75KW

          ◆ 1600KG Multi Wedge Caterpillar:



          1)、The caterpillar has the long stripping length and adopts the cylinders to control the belt pressing action and use the precision control valve to ensure the equal pressure on the surface of metal pipe.

          2)The caterpillar adopts the multi wedge design to ensure the belts cannot move laterally and deviate in favor of the stable welding. Meanwhile, it increases the connection area between belts and transmission wheels and avoids the slipping phenomenon during the production and influence the welding stability.

          3)、There is the round arc groove onto the surface of belts. The specially designed belts can increase the connection area with the metal pipe so as to avoid the flattening phenomenon and influence the stable rolling procedure.

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